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Today’s  Challenging   times  require  practical , creative , time saving & above all cost effective product  i.e.,MAGIC  HOT  MAT.Here at about presentation we will assist you with the benefits of our most appreciated product by our customer’s i.e.,  MAGIC  HOT  MAT

We believe MAGIC  HOT  MAT  is  the key source of different ion,  and also a powerful brand that helps our customers to Relax , Renew ,Recharge in human metabolism and also time saving method.MAGIC  HOT  MAT  is packed with new age creativity , to derive solutions that comprehensively fulfill ...
Good use for Hotels and Hospitals
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Tech. Specifications
: 185 cm x 67.5 cm
Net Weight
: 2 Kg
Output Power
: 40-200 Watts
Rated Voltage
: 230 Volts (Country wise)
inside Material
: 100% Shockproof Fiber
: Electronic 100% Safety
: For Continuity
: Automatic Timer